Property Development and Management

We work with private clients on the visual and functional aspects of individual properties through to industrial and domestic projects.
We;- provide assessments.
coordinate decorative installations.
look after the artistic and craft aspects of building projects such as renovations.
research materials.
resource suppliers and installers.
We are proud of our work and aim to help you.

Sample Concepts

You are either considering buying or have bought a property, or perhaps wish to maximise income from a property you have already?

It may be that you want to assess the financial aspects of property income for held property.
You may wish to buy, renovate and sell.
You may wish to dispose of property.
You may wish to redvelop for personal use.
These aims all have both different and overlapping considerations.
A typical question is, "What will it cost me to renovate this property?", another is, "How long will it take?".
There are many factors for you to balance in order to achieve a happy reality.
It is by talking through a project with you to achieve clear aims and identify constraints that work is best done.

Sample Work

For a given property or design project it is quick and easy to choose a preferred style or image from such a list which can then be developed quickly.
For more individual design, more details would first be collated.
The preparation and review stages are important when fast work is needed.

Current Members

We have a small group of tradesmen and consultants to whom we can refer you.
They are a changing group of members, some of whom are internet contactable.
Rafal Kifer rafal@kifercarpentry.co.uk
Gebka Construction miro@gebkaconstruction.co.uk
Jaroqe Property info@jaroqe.com
Rycina info@martagebka.com
AdvanceToGo help@advancetogo.com
Accendo Design info@accendodesign.co.uk


This is a list of properties that we have been involved in.


Office info@aceflat.co.uk
mobile : 0786 626 2348